iOS 7 練習曲,聽歌學 iOS 7

三年前因為 iPhone 4 天線門事件 (Antennagate),創作了歌曲「The iPhone Antenna Song 」在網路一夕爆紅,影片還被賈伯斯在天線門說明會上播放的 Jonathan Mann。今天又發表了最新歌曲「iOS7 Tutorial Song」,在新歌中介紹了 iOS 7 的新介面和功能,像是控制中心、相機和相簿等。讓大家能用輕鬆聽歌的方式,快速上手 iOS 7 系統。

iOS7 Tutorial Song 練習曲歌詞:

Oh my god, my phone looks different
Don't worry it's just iOS 7
But they changed too much, they went too far
I know change is scary and change is hard

But it looks kinda dumb, please explain this
In a week or two your mind might change it's
Just the shock of something new and weird
Like when your dad suddenly shaves his beard

Let's just go through the basics now
It's easy to use and I'll show you how

Swipe up from the bottom on any screen
That's control center, it's pretty neat
Turn air plane mode on and off
wifi blue tooth but that's not all
screen brightness and a flashlight too
calculator, timer , i guess whoo hop!


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